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One of the staples of the Canadian industrial scene in the ’90s, Death and Horror Inc (DHI) has returned after a long absence with a collection of the band’s ’90s output. Primarily remastering the band’s 1994 Pressures Collide album, this new 25th anniversary edition also features tracks from the 1993 Bitter Alloys EP, along with nine “version 2” remixes drawn from the original multi-track tapes and augmenting the vocal tracks. The 20 tracks in this compilation represent the culmination of DHI’s work from that time, originally created on tape with a limited budget that necessitated several tracks be left incomplete to the band’s satisfaction – with front man and vocalist Vicar’s unearthing of these tapes in 2018, the band took the opportunity to present Pressures Collide as it was originally intended. Earlier this year, DHI also released remastered editions of 1990’s Machine Altar Transmission – containing the 1991 Chemical Land EP, early demos, and some alternate mixes – and the Emotional Lockdown rarities EP; all of DHI’s remastered catalog is now available via Bandcamp.



Formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1987, Death and Horror Inc (DHI) became a staple of the burgeoning Canadian industrial scene of the era; the band went on to share the stage with such legendary figures as Front Line Assembly, The Young Gods, and Alien Sex Fiend. The lineup consisted of Vicar on vocals, guitars, synths, and samples, with Nocturne aiding on samples, and Graf on samples and power tools.
The trio also encourages fans to purchase DHI’s music directly through the band’s website, having been “ripped off by a ‘record label'” that has been selling DHI material without legal or creative authorization. Further information can be found on the DHI website.


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