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Following the recent re-releases of the band’s back catalog, Canadian industrial act Death and HOrror Inc (DHI) has returned with a brand new single, titled “Chosen Ruler.” Written and recorded by founder and front man Vicar as a “protest against authoritarianism, groupthink, and scapegoating,” the new track marks the first new material from DHI in 22 years. He goes on to elaborate that the song specifically addresses the divisive rhetoric and propaganda of right wing governments and the results of their policies that diminish healthcare, education, and science in democratic structures; stating that a “president (who shall remain nameless)” was being referred to by many as “the chosen one,” he explains that in Canada, “there have been more ‘conservative’ politicians than I care to recall who have tried their hand at the same kind of fear-of-the-other tactics that resonated so strongly south of the border,” summing up such attitudes, “Why go to the effort of building fair, inclusive and progressive societies, when you can just hate someone?” He concludes by speaking about the importance of the vote, calling it “the privilege of marking a black X on our ballots,” which can either “set off another oppressive era of scripted control… or it can open the door toward a more compassionate and forward-thinking existence – for all people, and for the planet.”

Recorded in 2020 at Scriptorium IV, “Chosen Ruler” is available to purchase via Bandcamp. A staple of the ’90s Canadian industrial scene, DHI had shared the stage with such legendary figures as Front Line Assembly, The Young Gods, and Alien Sex Field. 2019 saw the reissuing of the band’s back catalog in a series of three anniversary collections, all of which are available the DHI website and Bandcamp.


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