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“This is a protest against white supremacy.” So reads the introductory statement in the new music video from Canadian industrial act Death and Horror Inc (DHI) for the title track from the band’s latest EP. With the audio taken from the Sardonic mix, “The Idiot Parade” presents the band’s first performance-based video since 1994, with vocalist/songwriter Vicar explaining the lyrics to be “a a direct condemnation of some of the most detrimental forces that we’re facing today.” He further comments that these forces against science and promoting bigotry are not restricted to social status or geographical location, but that they will spread like a virulent pathogen “from glass towers to the backland” should they be left unchecked and allowed to thrive in the echo chambers of misinformation; visually complementing these ideas are images of noctural forests, skyscrapers, directionless roads seemingly leading nowhere, and ravens in a fight-or-flight frenzy. “The Idiot Parade” was directed, shot, and edited by Vicar. The Idiot Parade EP was released on November 1 and is available digitally via Bandcamp, marking the first new material from DHI in 22 years.



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