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Best known for his tenure with electronic acts IRIS and The Alpha Conspiracy, guitarist/producer Andrew Sega has unveiled the first single from Hallowed Hearts, his new goth/post-punk band with Blue Images vocalist and onetime CTRL member Alex Virlios. Released on World Goth Day, May 22, 2019, the “Lost” single showcases a sound inspired by the classic sounds of post-goth acts like Fields of the Nephilim and The Sisters of Mercy with the modern sensibilities of Drab Majesty, as atmospheric drums and synths provide a lush backdrop to Sega’s angular guitar passages and Virlios’s darkly emotive vocals; on the single’s B-side is a cover of Escape With Romeo’s 1989 cult hit “Somebody.” The “Lost” single is available to purchase via Bandcamp.


Sega will be performing with IRIS – joined by original member Matt Morris – at Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA on September 7, 2019 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of IRIS’ debut album, Disconnect; further information can be read here. IRIS vocalist Reagan Jones had appeared as a guest vocalist on the Her Light debut from Virlios’ Blue Images, released on May 18, 2018.


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