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Armalyte Industries has released a new EP by Featured, the new project headed by renowned producer/musician Julian Beeston. The four tracks on We the People were written, produced, and mixed by Beeston at Power Chihuahua Studios in Los Angeles, with each track featuring a guest vocalist – among them are I Ya Toyah, Whitney Tai, Paula Gilmer, and Livvy Holland. Additionally, the EP features performances by bassist Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO), guitarist Melissa Evila (The B.A. Sisters), and backing vocals by Mia FluxXx, Christine Olsen, and Cheyenne Prescott, with mastering provided by Jules Seifert at Epic Audio Media. We the People is available digitally via Bandcamp, with artwork by Anna Bergfors. A music video for the opening title track with I Ya Toyah has also been released, produced by Mike Hunt and directed by Marcos Durian and Ralph Klisiewicz.


We the People will also be printed in a CD edition limited to 100 copies, each signed by Beeston. As well, 100% of the proceeds for the EP will be donated to the Human Society International, “because animals are generally better than people.”
Beeston is best known for his numerous collaborations with the likes of Cubanate, Pigface, Nitzer Ebb, and more recently The Joy Thieves, which also features I Ya Toyah; he has also through the course of his career contributed remixes to The Prodigy, Die Krupps, Inertia, Missing Persons, Evil Mothers, Bob Marley, and Billy Idol. He has also composed and produced music for numerous film trailers and TV commercials.


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