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After six years of silence, ambient/industrial noise act Death of Self will be returning with a new album, one that sees the artist’s style diverging from the chaotic sounds of the past in favor of darker soundscapes to convey a bitter and unhappy story. “There’s no fairy tale ending, no silver lining,” states Death of Self about the appropriately titled There’s No Going Back, “This is a story about how a seemingly simple and straightforward decision can begin a chain of self-destructive events that slowly unravels the world as you know it.” With the album’s opening track, “Alone,” available to preview via Bandcamp, There’s No Going Back was mastered by fellow experimental industrial act Worms of the Earth, with artwork by Matthew Degen; the album will be released on September 23 via Bugs Crawling Out of People in CD and digital formats. Embracing the Things We Hate About Ourselves, the previous album from Death of Self was released in May 2012.


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