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A full decade has passed since the band first appeared, but Inkräktare has at long last released a new album, We Are Not Really Here, via ELaB Recordings on December 1. The album marks a dramatic shift from the You Have Reached Your Destination debut in 2009, whose low-key sound was a deliberate move; now, the duo of Mark Wallbridge – a.k.a. Vasko the Pig – and Dean Garcia take on a fuller depth of sound, blending elements of ambient noise, industrial electronics, and trippy rhythms with the kind of distinctly Brit-hop edge that the latter musician has become renowned for in Curve, SPC ECO, and S T F U.

Of the collaborative process, Garcia comments that it was different for We Are Not Really Here than anything he’d done before, with Wallbridge sending him abstract soundscapes with “no specific arrangements” and are “open to interpretation.” Describing it as “like someone giving you an abstract painting and allowing the other to somehow make it more defined,” Garcia thrived in the instinctive and loose format of his collaboration with Wallbridge; he continues, “My connection to them is very much from a tonal point of view – the aim is to magnify what’s there by developing a more defined structure by means of bass and drums or anything I feel works.” He concludes, “I’ve always said the key to making something you love is to allow these unstructured free-fall on-the-fly no-fucks-given elements into the recording process. When they happen or you allow and embrace this approach, you’ll get something deeper, more expressive and original. Working with Mark’s sound ideas does exactly that – it not only encourages this, but almost taunts or dares you to open up and go there.”
Available as a digital exclusive on Spotify and Bandcamp, We Are Not Really Here also features guest vocal performances by Rose Berlin (SPC ECO) and Preston Maddox (S T F U, Bloody Knives). Music videos for the album tracks “Husk” and “Saphirr Bomb” were released in October, with plans to released a six-track cassette and an as-yet-undisclosed 7-inch single early in the upcoming year.
Inkräktare also has the distinction of being the only U.K. band with a Swedish name, the word translating as “Intruder.”



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