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With the hardcore/noise act’s first full-length album nearing its release date, Deaf Club is promoting the album with a longform video performance of Productive Disruption in its entirety. Edited by Lucas Takano with additional visuals created by Displaced/Replaced, the video captures a full live recording of the album by the band, originally made available only through Patreon; previous video releases from the record included “Shoplift From Jail,” “Don’t Forget to Live,” “Planet Bombing,” and “All Men Will Die,” all receiving critical praise from various publications. Productive Disruption was recorded on January 6, 2021 – ironically, the date of the attempted insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building – with the band referring to the events of that date as “aimless, unplanned, asinine and delusional.” Due for release via Three One G Records and Sweatband Records on January 6, 2022, the album expands on the confrontational style of hardcore punk and noise that front man Justin Pearson has cultivated with the label and numerous projects, his acerbic lyrics and scathing voice backed by drummer Scott Osment, bassist Justin Klein, and guitarists Brian Amalfitano and Tommy Meehan. Pre-orders for Productive Disruption are available via the label’s webstore and Bandcamp, releasing in digital, cassette, and vinyl formats – the latter appears in a “persecutor color” edition limited to 700 copies, and a “pyrolysis color” variant limited to 300 copies, while cassettes are limited to 100.

Productive Disruption follows Deaf Club’s 2019 Contemporary Sickness EP, which was supplemented by a remix EP in 2020. Additionally, December 2020 saw the release of the band’s cover of Killing Joke’s “The Wait” as a benefit single for Fair Fight in support of leveling the political playing field during the Georgia senate runoffs. As Pearson had stated then, “it’s time to cut off the head of the snake, and toss the carcass out to the bottom feeders to feast on,” as he goes on to call Productive Disruption “a death threat to some, a love letter to others.”


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