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Savage and sardonic, the ever prolific Justin Pearson has unveiled through his Three One G Records imprint a new benefit single from Deaf Club. With all the proceeds from the single, from now until January 4, to be donated to Fair Fight to help level the political playing field in the impending Georgia senate runoffs, the group has taken a detour from its usual grinding style by covering the Killing Joke classic “The Wait,” with the single accompanied by a video created by Displaced/Replaced. Stating that he has taken both musical and political cues from Killing Joke since childhood, Pearson comments on the single’s message and intent, “we have the ability to communicate through our art and hopefully help change things that are broken.” Clarifying that he is not a Democrat, he goes on further to express his contempt for “the head of the snake, Donald Trump” and the Republican candidates in the Georgia senate race, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, “who we hope will lose on January 5,” citing the party’s practices of fear mongering, false claims of election tampering, and holding super-spreader events that endanger people during the pandemic; he concludes, “Deaf Club says it’s time to cut off the head of the snake, and toss the carcass out to the bottom feeders to feast on.”


Pearson is joined in Deaf Club by fellow hardcore practitioners Brian Amalfitano (ACxDC), Scott Osment (Weak Flesh), Jason Klein (Run with the Hunted), and Tommy Meehan (The Manx), with the band stating its intent to “confront our collective sicknesses,” to not point the finger or place blame, but to inspire change. The cover of “The Wait” was recorded by Meehan with Alex Estrada, with mixing and mastering by Jim Goodwin.


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