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Dead Can Dance releases music video from latest album, adds dates to European tour
With the realease of Dionysus in November 2018, renowned darkwave act Dead Can Dance broke a silence of six years, the album spanning seven movements across two acts touching on different aspects of the myth of the Greek god of wine, fertility, theatre, and ritual madness. Now, the band has released a music video for the album track “The Invocation,” directed by Bulgarian company Wonderswamp, and with a visual narrative based on ancient Bulgarian traditions still practiced and preserved in the modern era. “The song features motifs inspired by Bulgarian folklore music,” states the company, “and to see that our music and traditions can inspire them motivated us further.” Known for incorporating different ethnic modes into a decidedly darkwave and neoclassical framework, Dead Can Dance utilized various folk instrumentation and field recordings in the creation of Dionysus and “The Invocation,” making the audio/visual presentation all the more palpable, with Wonderswamp concluding, “The match between these peculiar rituals and the band’s music could not be better.”

In addition, Dead Can Dance will be embarking on an extensive European tour to celebrate the band’s life and works from 1980 to the present day. Beginning on May 2 in Rennes, France, the tour has now added dates on July 1 and 3 in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece, respectively. The tour will take the band to the U.K., Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and of course, Bulgaria; a full listing of dates can be found on the Dead Can Dance website.


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