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Portland, OR industrial/metal act Dead Animal Assembly Plant has unleashed its highly anticipated new album, Bring Out the Dead. Further expanding on the band’s mythos of the Sweet Meats Slaughterhouse, following the aftermath of the cannibalistic exploits of one Wilhelm Schröder, a pioneer of industrialized butchery, having turned to humans after the livestock fell prey to a fatal disease; with the butcher having been fed to one of his own machines by the vengeful townsfolk, the Sweet Meats Slaughterhouse would remain vacant and dormant for many years, reviving as the Dead Animal Assembly Plant. Bring Out the Dead was precded by the 2020 A Violent Breed EP and the “Colors Under Attack” single, with that song and the EP’s title track now appearing on the album; “Sacred Disgrace” features a guest appearance by New York violinist Lulu Black (Beldame), while “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” a track derived from an American folk song, features vocals by Outer Stace (Photona, Time Bitch). Released today, March 26, via Armalyte Industries, Bring Out the Dead is available to purchase via Bandcamp in CD and digital formats.


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