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Following the 2019 release of the SGT_SLTR_MLN album, Indiana electro/industrial act Dead Agent went back in time to release a remastered edition of the 2014 Retina EP. Now, Funkatron – a.k.a. Ed Finkler, the mastermind behind Dead Agent – has given the same treatment to Dead Agent’s 2016 full-length debut, Fight Like a Robot, presented in a new expanded edition that not only includes both the 2020 remaster and the original 2016 versions, but also a handful of bonus remixes. “When I put out the remastered Retina EP in early 2020,” Finkler explains, “I started to consider remastering Fight Like a Robot. It suffered from some less than stellar mixing on my part, and a few instrumentation choices that seemed… questionable.” As such, Finkler not only remastered the songs from the original files, but also rewrote and rerecorded certain elements, stating that he “took less of a purist’s approach” in order to improve upon the original album – hence the album’s proper title of Fight Like a Robot V2.

Among the remixing artists are the likes of Stahlschlag, Decent News, and Tapedrive, with “Visualizer Video” of The Joy Thieves’ BIG TALK mix of “Faulted” premiering here on ReGen Magazine. With a release date of June 5, Fight Like a Robot V2 was mastered by Jules Seifert at Epic Audio Media, with the remixes and the original 2016 version mastered by Funkatron.


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