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Following the release of the “EMDR” single to signal the industrial/metal band’s new album, Dawn of Ashes delves further into the depths of depression and despair with “The Despondent Hole.” Band founder Kristof Bathory calls the track “an assertation of the overwhelming, all-encompassing struggle that sufferers face,” the lyrics of “They will never know what it feels like until they live life with this disease” resonating empathy atop a thrusting rhythm of bleakly symphonic ambience and pulsating electronic bass; Bathory goes on to assure listeners who deal with depression “you’re not alone and you can pull yourself out of this hole.”

“The Despondent Hole” and “EMDR” will be featured on the forthcoming Scars of the Broken, which Bathory calls “one of the most emotionally difficult albums that I have ever created,” the material written during difficult times and focusing on widespread issues of mental health, concluding with his hopes that the music can provide relief for those who are struggling. Scars of the Broken follows up on 2020’s The Antinomian and is due for release on March 18 via Artoffact Records in digital and CD formats, with pre-orders available on Bandcamp.


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