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Having made a discernibly nightmarish noise in 2022 with the Ruins debut, Void Stasis returns with a follow-up album that delves even deeper into the abysmal sonic depths. Revolving around a horror/sci-fi narrative of an ill-fated expedition on an alien world, Viral Incubation presents the trio’s blend of field recordings and dark ambient synthesis with a greater sense of focus and inspiration from the ALIEN franchise, the band describing the sound as “Xenomorphic.” As with the previous album, Viral Incubation was written, produced, and performed by Kristof Bathory (Dawn of Ashes), Scott Denman (Die Sektor), and Marie Ann Hedonia, with guest contributions by Atrium Carceri, Snakes of Russia, and Blakmoth; additionally, Simon Heath’s artwork across the album’s 16-page booklet and logbook excerpts adds a stark visual element to the aural journey. Virual Incubation was released on March 21 via Cryo Chamber, and is available in digital and CD formats on Bandcamp.


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