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With his identity as a solo artist firmly established after the release of The Pale Horse in September of last year, dark electro-pop artist Danny Blu begins his next creative chapter with the “Predator” single. Having made its premiere on, the song presents a “cautious optimism” that contrasts with the darker and more introspective outlooks most artists have pursued during the global crisis over the last year-and-a-half; as well, the publication refers to Blu as “the perfect embodiment of the wild diversity of the NYC queer scene,” as the song exemplifies the LGBTQ+ singer’s catchy blend of industrial, dark electro, and synthpop. Produced and mixed by Walter Kazmier, the single is available via Bandcamp, with “Predator” being the first in a series leading up to Blu’s new album; each single and their corresponding music videos – the MOLOTOV Corps Training videos – will thematically be paired to what the artist calls “tenets of the new world,” which include justice, empathy, equality, truth, and corporeal joy. The video for “Predator” was directed by Marc Parroquin and features dancer Hisham with choreography by Neil Schwartz.



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