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Best known for his work in The Joy Thieves and Mary’s Window, Dan Milligan has begun a new musical endeavor with A Covenant of Thorns’ Scott-David Allen. Drawing on traditional guitar-driven pop and alternative rock, combined with a darker, dreamier aesthetic more akin to shoegaze and new wave, The Burying Kind will be presenting on the upcoming self-titled debut EP something of a departure from the heavier industrialized sounds of the duo’s other bands; citing the influence of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and Cocteau Twins, along with the likes of Toad the Wet Sprocket and Tears For Fears, The Burying Kind’s sound is driven by fuzzed out guitars and lush harmonized vocals set to tight arrangements that will be adorning the Chicago duo’s music. With a release date of March 12, The Burying Kind will mark the one year anniversary of when Milligan and Allen first started working together, when the COVID-19 pandemic gave the duo an abundance of extra time for songwriting, resulting in the EP’s five tracks. Pre-orders for the EP via the band’s website will begin on February 26.


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