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Silvia Kostance and Viktor L. Crux have carved out their own particular niche in the realms of industrial music as Dame Area, garnering a reputation for unpredictability and raw intensity, often referred to “Música de lucha” (“combat music”). Continuing in their subversive tradition is the band’s latest album, Toda la mentira sobre Dame Area (“All the Lies about Dame Area”), produced by the Barcelona-based duo over the last three years as the first of a pair of records presenting a sound wrought with experimental textures and rhythms that blur the lines between pop and the avant-garde. With themes revolving around “one world within the wider universe of Dame Area, Toda la mentira sobre Dame Area marks the band’s third full-length album since its foundation in 2018, due for release on September 26 via Màgia Roja and B.F.E Records; transparent and blue vinyl variants of the record have sold out and will ship on November 22, while the digital edition is available to pre-order via Bandcamp. Dame Aera will also be touring throughout Europe for the remainder of 2022, beginning on September 15 at the Performative Festival in L’Aquila, Italy; a full listing of dates can be found on the band’s website.


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