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Austin, TX based dreampop trio Dallas Acid has signed with All Saints Records and announced a new album, The Spiral Arm, to be released on November 1, with a video for the title track now available to view. Home to artists including Brian Eno, Harold Budd, and previous Dallas Acid collaborator Laraaji, All Saints Records states that the band is its first new signing in several years and was “worth the wait.” Furthermore, the label founder Dominic Norman-Taylor says the band’s “unique mix of minimalist electronic music with a big ballad sensibility creates gorgeous, utterly compelling immersive soundworlds,” while the band comments that it is “honored and humbled” to be on the label.” The Spiral Arm began as a live performance at San Antonio’s Scobee Planetarium to accompany the visual exploration of the cosmos, transitioning into mostly improvisational ambient jams on the road before settling in as a collection of traditionally structured songs focusing on the vastness of human experience. The album is available for pre-order in digital formats via Bandcamp. Dallas Acid will tour Europe in support of Bill Callahan from September 29 in Dublin, Ireland until October 13 in Gothenburg, Sweden; a full listing of tour dates can be found on the band’s website.



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