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Dais Records has announced the release of Reflection Plane, the eighth full-length album from prolific composer Hector Carlos Ramirez under his moniker of Auragraph. As his first release for the prominent label, the album demonstrates Ramirez’s penchant for sleek synthesizer soundscapes, blending elements of ’80s and ’90s electronica with shades of classic EBM, techno, and even video game sound design, creating an aesthetic that is perfectly exhibited in “Escapism,” the record’s opening track and first single. Drawing heavily on his education in film school and his work on such programs as National Geographic’s Valley of the Boom and NetFlix’s Stranger Things, the video for “Escapism” presents a virtual reality CGI cornucopia sure to transport viewers back to the halcyon days of the mid-to-late ’90s.

Dais Records will be releasing Reflection Plane digitally on July 22, with pre-orders available via Bandcamp and the label’s webstore. In addition, Auragraph will be performing a series of live shows throughout the month of August, playing such cities as St. Louis, Chicago, Nashville, Dallas, and Los Angeles; a full listing of live dates can be found on the Auragraph website.


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