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Texan artist Kristyn Hope has released her latest single under the banner of her electro and industrial/rock band Daedric, titled “Coldharbour.” Written with producers Geoffrey Rockwell and Clayton Schroeder, the song features Hope’s merger of contemporary metal and electronic elements, while also pursuing a more cinematic scope, further demonstrated by the single’s gloomy video; co-directed by Brittany Davis and edited by Hope, “Coldharbour” sees a robed figure roaming wraithlike through a dark forest, the face obscured and slowly revealed through folds of white fabric to personify the song’s themes of dark and light.

“Coldharbour” was mixed and mastered by Joey Sturgis and marks Daedric’s fifth single since the project’s foundation in 2021; unveiled on September 23 via FiXT, the song marks the artist’s fourth release of 2022, starting with the Kaixo remix of the “Wretched” debut, and followed by “Dawnbreaker” and “Only.”


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