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“Part band, part machine” – the Chicago coldwave juggernaut that is Cyanotic has released its latest album, titled The Trigger Effect. As ever, the album revolves around transhumanist themes of the evolution of mankind in tandem with the effects of the technology he creates, along with issues of mental wellness and addiction, combined with the band’s blend of aggressive yet atmospheric textures laden with sci-fi and horror movie samples to create “a dystopian redemption arc in 30 minutes.” Spearheaded by Sean Payne, the album features a notable contingent of contributing musicians including longtime collaborator Kevin Barron, guitarist Tal Kliger (Nuclear Sun), drummer Jesse Hunt, and bassist Charles Levi (Pigface, Project.44, ex-My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult). With the release date of September 12, The Trigger Effect arrives one week before Cyanotic’s upcoming stint on the Divine Descent Tour, playing as the support act (along with A Primitive Evolution) for <PIG>; the album is currently available as a “name-your-price” item on Bandcamp.


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