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Cubanate to release EP of new material, featuring remixes by Rhys Fulber and Drownd
Cubanate has long been celebrated for the band’s blend of industrial, techno, and heavy metal guitars, creating a singular sound that has endured in the scene long after the duo initially ceased activity in 1998. Since the band’s return to live performances in 2016, which then saw the release of the Brutalism “best of” collection in 2017 and Live Brutalism the following year, fans have been anticipating when, if ever, Marc Heal and Phil Barry would forge an album of brand new Cubanate material – now, they have their answer as Armalyte Industries has announced the release of the Kolossus EP, marking the band’s first official release of new material since 1998’s Interference. Containing five new tracks, all entirely written and produced by Heal and Barry, Kolossus also includes remixes by fellow Armalyte artist Drownd and longtime friend and collaborator Rhys Fulber, mastered by Jules Seifert (Der Prosector) at Epic Audio Media and featuring artwork by Jim Marcus (GoFight, Die Warzau); with a release date of June 7, the EP is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp in digital and CD digipak formats, with the latter also available signed by Heal and Barry in quantities limited to 100.

PIG and Cubanate go head-to-head for a co-headlining event at ElectrowerkzThe Kolossus EP precedes Cubanate’s upcoming performance at Electrowerkz, London on June 1, co-headlining with legendary industrial/rock act PIG, marking the first time in 25 years that the two bands will be onstage together, presented by Superluminal and Armalyte Industries; the band will also be appearing at this year’s Wave Gotik Treffen on the EP’s release date of June 7.
Although Heal had recorded a series of demos under the title of Search Engine, he and Barry ultimately disbanded Cubanate in 2000; that material was then leaked via torrent in 2007. The band first announced recording new material in 2010. This culminated in the compilation track “We Are Crowd” the following year – that track was then remixed, re-recorded, and repurposed into the PIG hit “Prey & Obey,” with Heal providing a remix of the track on the Stripped & Whipped remix album released earlier this year.

Despite living on opposite sides of the Atlantic (Heal being currently based in San Francisco, CA and Barry in Cambridgeshire, U.K.), the positive reaction to the band’s comeback shows had lit the spark for the pair to resume production. “We decided that we were definitely, absolutely going to release something,” Heal states, continuing, “Whatever we came up with, it was going out. It was the only way; otherwise we’d have been noodling around for another 20 years. We decided that an EP would be a manageable target.” Of the new material, Heal further comments, “We’re pleased with the results, but I feel we will get stronger now we’ve done these five tracks. It’s a psychological barrier. The EP still sounds like us but inevitably we’re older and hopefully wiser. The wisdom thing is tricky, because a lot of early Cubanate was about relishing a ride towards self-destruction. It’s still like that, but smarter. These days, we’re more confident that we can do whatever we want, both musically and lyrically. So long as it keeps being fun and we think we can keep being nasty, we’ll keep doing it.”


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