Mar 2020 24

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With the duo’s blend of darkly etheral atmospheres and doomy jazz-laden industrial, Dreamscape Invocation has released its latest album, titled Chapter II: Dimensions of High Strangeness, via CrunchPod and Auricle Media. With all nine tracks written and produced by Amoreena Stout and Karloz.M (also of Manufactura), the album sees the pair pursuing a hypnotic and hallucinogenic sonic style that blends numerous disaparate genres and assorted instrumentation, both traditional and unorthodox; the results are what the band refers to as “a perfect companion to a night of astral projection, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, edibles, whiskey, and magick.” Additionally, Dreamscape Invocation emphasizes that the album’s sound design was meticulously and specifically crafted to be heard through headphones in order to “transform and manifest to the whims of the listener and the observer, through ceremonious contemplation with every listen.” Following up on the duo’s 2018 Chapter I: Music to Listen to Heroin By debut and available digitally via Bandcamp, Dimensions of High Strangeness also features an LP mix of the entire record as a bonus.


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