Aug 2020 12

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Industrial and noise imprint Crunch Pod has released the second full-length outing from Los Angeles act Define.Human, titled American Listening Exercises, now available via Bandcamp. With themes revolving around the ritualistic nature of political tribalism, urban lifestyles, and calculated diversion in the American lexicon, the album was conceived prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic; blending contrasting elements of danceable rhythmic structures, noisy drones, and abstract melodies, American Listening Exercises is true to its title, “much as Americans are pulled apart by the disparity between connectivity and commodified division.” With all of the record’s nine tracks written and produced by Jared M. Eakin, all of the visual elements – from the album artwork to the music video for the title track – were created in collaboration with remix video artist, producer, and curator AJ Strout; the video, like Eakin’s music, “expresses a strong, polemic message of social awareness,” with a particular emphasis on critical thinking and resistance to authoritarian rule.
Define.Human’s debut album, 60Hz Hymns was released in May 2018, followed by a split single with Dissolute Anomie, titled Audderall and The Psilocybin Elixir, in October 2019. A remix of album’s two opening tracks, “WHUTSGOOD” and “Excuses,” created by Baby Daddii was released via Bandcamp on May 31, with all proceeds for the name-your-price item going toward the ACLU.




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