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From her Discipline debut comes the latest single from Crunch Pod artist Lynette Ríos Padilla – better known simply as L. Calling the song an exhilirating experience, L presents themes of empowerment and liberation derived from the pain of rejection, the thrusting rhythms and darkened EBM textures co-produced by Karloz.M (Manufactura, Broken Fabiola). Matching the musical energy is the accompanying music video directed and edited by AJ Strout, the lurid and lascivious BDSM aesthetics offering a defiant and anti-conformist depiction of self-expression, polyamory, and self-love – perfect for Valentine’s Day. Assisting in this erotic exhibition is the photography of Elisabeth Ruiz, choreography by Neil Schwartz, and wardrobe by Miranda Sharp and Josh McVety.

Discipline was released on June 26, 2020 and is available digitally via Bandcamp. A remix companion would later appear on February 20, 2021, featuring the talents of Manufactura, HANTE., SRSQ, Damascus Knives, RECON, and more.



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