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French experimental metal duo CROWN has announced the release of a new album, The End of All Things, on Pelagic Records. Releasing this past March the video for “Violence” via PopMatters and “Illumination” on CvltNation, the new album takes on a more industrial and atmospheric turn from previous releases, with the duo of David Husser and Stéphane Azam focusing on their collective experience to craft an album that the label defines as “what Kid A was for Radiohead: an album that nobody was expecting from them.” Husser further explains the album’s themes, “Life is change – it’s the only thing we can always expect,” going on to say that he and Azam made it a point to take risks and explore a wider range of ideas. He goes on to say, “It took us pretty long to find what we consider the right recipe to make it work,” with The End of All Things marking the band’s first release of new material since 2015’s Natron. Furthermore, while past releases would feature a bevy of guest performers, the new album only features one in label mate Årabrot’s Karin Park appearing as a secondary vocal on the closing track “Utopia.” The End of All Things is due for release on April 16 in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders available on Bandcamp and all other major outlets.

Husser has worked as a sound engineer and producer for the likes of Alan Wilder (Recoil, ex-Depeche Mode), Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio, Paul Kendall (Mute Records, Nick Cave, Nine Inch Nails, Recoil), and toured with his industrial band Y Front as a support act for Rammstein; similarly, Azam worked as live sound engineer for French blackgaze act Alcest. The two formed CROWN in 2011, subsequently releasing the Psychurgy debut on Candlelight Records in 2013.


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