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Independent imprint CRLStudios has revealed the fifth installment of its Wavelength compilation series; created and compiled by label head James Church, with mastering by Anatoly Tokee Grinburg, The Fifth Wavelength showcases 43 tracks across three volumes, each catering to a particular subset of genres in the realm of underground electronic music, with each volume released on June 18 and offered as a name-your-price donation-based item on Bandcamp. Volume 1 features hard electro, EBM, and industrial from the likes of Evestus, Viscera Drip, Famine, :10:, Satanic Hispanic, eHpH, C/A/T, and Krate. On the more rhythmically energetic end of the spectrum is Volume 2‘s showcasing of IDM, breakbeat, drum & bass, and EDM with such acts as REKT, Static Logic, Mind.Divided, [synaptic:reactor], and Hans Waggoner. Finally, focusing on experimental drones and ambient IDM, Volume 3 features Tapage, Wave Resistance, Pandora’s Black Book, Tineidae, and Philippe Neau.




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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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