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Crass is often counted as one of the genre’s most pioneering acts, the band having defined many of the tenets of profane and politically charged punk rock during the late ’70s. In 2019, the band made available to the public the original pre-mixed stems from the landmark 1978 debut The Feeding of the 5000, allowing others to remix and reinterpret the tracks, and ultimately resulting in the Normal Never Was – Revelations compilation; the album showcases some of the standout singles from the remix project, with today, January 19, marking the release of 65daysofstatic’s remix of “Women,” available to stream/purchase now. Infusing the song with the song with a distinctive blend of ambient techno and post-rock atmospheres, 65daysofstatic comments, “I had detoured towards electronica, grunge, shoegaze, etc., but there was never, for the most part, a connection between the bands I’d listened to and the growing political disquiet I was experiencing,” going on to state that “Crass has always been an important landmark on the musical landscape and is an example of why now more than ever we need more dissenting voices in music.”

Normal Never Was – Revelations is due for release on January 21 via One Little Independent Records in digital and CD formats, with pre-orders available now on Bandcamp; Crass drummer Penny Rimbaud states, “Revelations is exactly that – a mind-blowing retake on the ethos of Crass and its all-out assault on commonly held values.” As stated, the collection features 40 tracks across two discs, showcasing standouts from the numerous remixes the band received for the project, all released over the course of several singles and the Normal Never Was – Remixes collection available via Bandcamp as a name-your-price item; proceeds from all of these releases go toward the Refuge against domestic violence. “Since the start of lockdown, Refuge has seen a 66% rise in demand for its Helpline, and a 950% rise in visits to its Helpline website,” Refuge comments, detailing the need for domestic abuse services during these difficult times; “While lockdown itself doesn’t cause domestic abuse – abuse happens all year round – it does, of course, have the potential to aggravate pre-existing abusive behaviors, and the data we have shows us the increase in the need for our services during lockdown.” Rimbaud and vocalist Steve Ignorant clarify that “Revelations came into being as an addition to the Normal Never Was project and its commitment to Refuge.” The organization goes on to express its gratitude to Crass for the band’s efforts in supporting their services “to ensure that no woman or child is turned away from safety.”



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