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Celebrated both as a legendary musician/producer as well as for his varied collaborations, John Fryer has now joined forces with Soil & Eclipse founder G.W. Childs IV for a new single, “Tarrant County.” Blending roots and country melody with a striking electronic beat, the song’s themes revolve around “love, longing, and family,” providing an antidote to “those of us that have suffered through a long year of separation from loved ones and anxiety in spades.” Adding to the song’s country tinge is a dynamic performance from Peter McConnell on his 1928 Gibson banjo, with Fryer’s production marking the culmination of a longtime dream of his to make music in a country vein. COP International describes the track with the question, “What happens when you mix a Star Wars composer with hybrid country music?”

Best known as Peter Mc and as a prominent composer for video games, Peter McConnell composed the soundtracks for every Sly Cooper game since its second installment; he has worked extensively at LucasArts, most notably composing the soundtrack for Full Throttle, which also featured music from Keith Karloff’s San Francisco biker band The Gone Jackals.
Having released numerous albums with Soil & Eclipse and Deathline International under COP International, G.W. Childs IV has also worked at LucasArts/LucasFilm processing character voices for several Star Wars games, including Battlefront and Knights of the Old Republic 2. He has also done sound design for Propellerheads Software, particularly Reason.


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