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Friday, August 5 saw the release of It Hurts!, the latest maxi-single from the collaboration of Chiasm’s Emileigh Rohn and prominent electro artist/producer Jean-Marc Lederman. “I am just in awe of what we’ve created in such a short period,” Rohn explains, the EP presenting the first hints of the duo’s next full-length effort, titled RAGE!; with remixes of the title track by Beborn Beton’s Stefan Netschio and Leæther Strip’s Claus Larsen, the EP also features the additional tracks “Pets” and “Enough of This,” the latter an unreleased track from the RAGE! sessions. The new album follows up on Rohn – Lederman’s highly acclaimed Venus Chariot album, released on September 24, 2021; along with the supplemental EPs for Watch Out!, Up in Flames, and All the Things Left For Dead Go Unsaid (a.k.a. “The River”), the album was revised and reinterpreted with Apollo Chariot, in which Rohn’s vocal tracks were set to different instrumentals created by Lederman, giving her lyrics new context and meaning. RAGE! is due for release in September of 2022 via COP International.


2021 also saw the release of Missed the Noise by Emileigh Rohn’s Chiasm with COP artist and legendary producer John Fryer; she subsequently made an appearance on Unitcode:Machine’s Themes For a Collapsing Empire, and states that she plans to continue working on solo material in the near future. Jean-Marc Lederman is best known for his work with the likes of Fad Gadget, The Weathermen, The The, Gene Loves Jezebel, Ghost & Writer, and Lederman / De Meyer; he also composes for movies and video games, and earlier this year released his Night Music For Seahorses and Manatees solo album, on which Rohn appears on two tracks, including a cover of the Tim Buckley and Larry Beckett classic “Song to the Siren.” In October of 2021, he released The Raven under the moniker of Jean-Marc Lederman Experience, which featured collaborations with Rohn, Mari Kattman (Helix), Christopher Hall (Stabbing Westward), John Fryer, Azam Ali, Ken Magerman (The Amaranth), Christina Z (Magnesium Burn), Lis van den Akker (Die Krupps), Jim Semonik, and more.


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