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From COP International comes the latest EP from “Texan Synthpop Cowboy” G.W. Childs IV, titled Burning Futures. Following up on the April release of You Don’t Know and last year’s Tarrant County, the new EP follows the Soil & Eclipse founder continuing to pursue his own unique blend of EBM-laced and country-tinged synthpop, drawing from an even wider array of influences to include elements of dance, pop, and soul. Burning Futures features three brand new tracks, along with an extended remix of the title track created by the legendary Romell Regulacion of Razed in Black.

Additionally, the label has also unveiled the latest EP from Emileigh Rohn’s Chiasm, titled Cutting Right Through. Mastered by Jean-Marc Lederman (Rohn-Lederman, Fad Gadget, The Weathermen), the EP acts as a precursor to what Rohn states is “another brand new Chiasm album that is fully mine,” due to arrive in 2024. The EP features remixes of the title track created by Assemblage 23, Jan Dewulf of Mildreda, hEADaCHE, and an edit by Rohn; as well, two remixes of “Dead Trees” by :10: and G-Actual, as well as the bonus track “Closed Up,” which the artist describes as “like sparkly sound bits for unicorn Tupperware containers that feed you with excitement and beautiful glitter… your take-home for later!” The Cut Right Through EP marks the first new Chiasm material since Missed the Noise, a collaboration with producer John Fryer released in early 2021; this year also saw reissues of Chiasm’s Relapse from 2005 and 2001’s Disorder.

G.W. Childs IV’s Burning Futures and Chiasm’s Cut Right Through were both released today, November 3, via COP International and are available digitally via Bandcamp.


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