May 2022 13

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Mari Kattman continues to prove herself a formidable musical presence as today, Friday, May 13 marks the release of her latest EP, Is It Really That Bad. As any great artist does, the track shows Kattman creating a catchy yet soulful piece from a myriad of dark emotions, “born in a place of pain and despair.” Along with a pair of equally dynamic and danceable remixes by Neuroticfish and Rotersand, the song sees her infusing the functionality of rhythm with an emotional core that has been Kattman’s modus operandi throughout her work; the EP also features the B-side track “Trust,” with Alter Der Ruine and live Assemblage 23 member Mike Jenney providing drums on the title track. Mastered by Stephen Lam, Is It Really That Bad is available now on Bandcamp via COP International, following Kattman’s “I Can’t” single released in summer of last year. Mari Kattman is also a member of Helix with Assemblage 23’s Tom Shear, the pair having released the Bad Dream EP this past November.


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