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Clint Robertson has been seemingly laying low in the eight years since his last album of new material, but November 11 saw an end to the silence as COP International unveiled the Insects Not Gods EP from nolongerhuman. With the artist stating that “It’s been a long time coming,” the EP acts as the first taste of the forthcoming Marionette album, with two new tracks and two remixes by fellow dark electro acts Disorder Faith and Tactical Sekt; of the latter, Robertson calls Tactical Sekt “one of my biggest inspirations.” Mastered by Stephen Lam, Insects Not Gods is available now on Bandcamp, with Marionette expected to arrive in early 2023; the album will mark the first full-length studio effort from nolongerhuman since 2014’s Withdrawal. Although 2021 saw a re-release of the 2008 Vestigial EP, now available as a name-your-price item.


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