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La Muerte has perhaps been one of the best kept secrets in the Belgian music scene, and now, the cult noise/metal act pays tribute to their friends and countrymen with today’s release of Headhunter. Centering on the titular cover of the Front 242 classic, which the band recorded in 2017 with Patrick Codenys and Richard 23, the album acts as an expansion on the Headhunter EP, originally released via Mottow Soundz and now presented in this new edition from COP International. In addition to five of the EP’s six tracks, the album includes new remixes of “Headhunter” created by John Fryer, Sick Jokes, and The Joy Thieves, with several selections from La Muerte’s eponymous 2018 album, and one track from 2016’s Murder Machine EP. Along with the “Headhunter” cover and a remix by The Weathermen, the Headhunter EP also featured remixes of past songs created by fellow Belgians Doganov, Scarabée, and a collaborative remix by Jean-Pierre Everaerts with Mussolini Headkick. Finally, Headhunter also features a remix of “Get Whipped” from the Murder Machine EP created by the aforementioned Patrick Codenys and Richard 23, making the album not only a showcase for La Muerte, but the Belgian music scene as a whole. Mastered by Stephen “SLam” Lam, Headhunter was released today, June 10, via COP International in digital and CD formats.


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