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“It almost killed me,” states Svart, founder and front man for industrial/metal trio Contracult about the band’s forthcoming album, The New Torment. Written and recorded during what the vocalist recalls as a tumultuous time during which he was diagnosed as bipolar, the new album shows the Los Angeles band moving toward a more autonomous and self-reliant approach, having parted ways with Roadrunner Records; due to arrive via Contracult’s own Hogwasche Music imprint, The New Torment marks the group’s full-length debut, a collective effort to veer away from the learning phases of songwriting the band showcased on previous releases. “While I was proud of the music we created before,” Svart continues, “I feel we were able to hone in on the sound more organically and not follow some rule book that doesn’t even exist. Every song has its own unique vibe and texture while still sounding like it’s all from the same band.” From The New Torment comes the latest single, “The Glutton.”


A music video for “The Glutton” made its premiere via Revolver Magazine on September 13, while the digital single was released on September 9 and is available on Bandcamp. Whereas Contracult’s previous video single, 2021’s “Meek,” was a somewhat extravagent production to provide a mini-horror movie vibe to showcase the song’s themes of addiction and mental health, “The Glutton” is a more stripped down affair, shot and directed by the band on an Insta360 camera at Monarch Studios in Los Angeles; edited by Kyle Kouri, the video’s simple yet frenetic energy matches the song’s themes of body dysmorphia and the struggles of eating disorders.
In addition to the core trio of Svart (Travis Bacon), guitarist Cultprit (Nick Emde), and keyboardist BX (Bec Hollcraft), The New Torment also features guest performances by drummer Jon Siren (IAMX, Front Line Assembly) and legendary vocalist Attila Csihar (Mayhem, ABORYM). Engineered by Svart and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Ghostemane, Code Orange, Power Trip), the two sharing mixing duties with Eric Emery (Periphery, Scale the Summit), the album is due for release on November 4.


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