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Comaduster, the solo electronic project of Canadian musician Réal Cardinal, will be releasing its long awaited third album Darker Matter, marking the project’s first full-length release since signing to independent imprint FiXT. Drawing on themes of occult imagery, alchemy, extreme physics, and hard science fiction, all in an effort to understand the “metaphysical aspects of our lives,” Darker Matter finds Cardinal stretching his skills as a composer and sound designer into more complex structures and arrangements; the album’s 80 minutes follow up on 2017’s Solace with the project’s usual blend of IDM, drum & bass, and post-rock, with Cardinal further incorporating elements of folk Americana, dark ambient, and extreme metal. Appearing as a guest vocalist on two tracks is Mari Kattman of the band Helix, with three of the 16 tracks – “Monolith,” “Riverbound,” and “Fever Rift” – released as singles earlier this year. Pre-orders for Darker Matter will be available on October 28 via FiXT, with the album to be released on December 13.


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