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A festival to some, a family reunion to most, ColdWaves remains one of the most significant events held in the underground music scene – honoring the memory of Jamie Duffy and the many who have been lost over the years, while also bridging together older and newer generations in a mutual love and appreciation for industrial, post-punk, EBM, and all forms of machine-driven music. Now going into its eleventh year, ColdWaves XI will be going back to basics after the ambitiously large scale of last year’s event, with a Kick-Off show to take place on September 21, followed by three nights – September 22, 23, and 24 – at The Metro, Smart Bar, and G-Man in Chicago. As ever, the lineup of bands will feature a mix of alumni with newcomers to showcase the best of what today’s music scene has to offer, with tickets and the lineup schedule to be announced soon. From the crushing industrial/rock and metal sounds of Godflesh, Front Line Assembly, 16volt, Acumen Nation, Rabbit Junk, and Lead into Gold to the darkly melodic post-punk of Twin Tribes, Ash Code, Nuovo Testamento, and Bloody Knives, the pulsating EBM and techno of SIERRA, Street Fever, Harsh Symmetry, A Split Second, and JKFLESH, the saccharine industrialized electro-pop of RIKI and KANGA, the grating post-industrial of Lana Del Rabies and MVTANT, DJ sets by Zoltar and Richard 23… ColdWaves XI is leaving no stylistic stone unturned and promises to once again remind this scene of ours what is truly important – yes… the music… but more than that, friendship and family.
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