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ColdWaves VIII announces band lineup
One of the most poignant beacons of hope and perseverance in the industrial scene, the annual ColdWaves festival now celebrates its eighth year. With a portion of the proceeds going to the Darkest Before Dawn organization for suicide prevention and taking place September 19-22 at the Metro and Smart Bar in Chicago, this year’s event heralds one of its most diverse and exciting lineup of bands yet, bringing together many old school legends to share the stage with the best of the new wave of the underground music scene; headlining this year’s event are EBM legends Nitzer Ebb, industrial/alt. rock giants Filter, and the highly influential and revered Test Dept.
Among the ColdWaves newcomers are the likes of Twin Tribes, Light Asylum, Street Sects, Panic Priest, Bootblacks, Adult., Wingtips, Physical Wash, Becka Diamond, Andi Harriman, Sara Graves, and Vatican Shadow, along with celebrated electro/industrial bands Haujobb and iVardensphere: Singularity and Icelandic sensation Kælan Mikla. Returning alumni acts include PIG, Chemlab, Severed Heads, Haex, and a special Acumen vs. 16volt. in addition, Paul Barker will be showcasing his Min-Dub Soundsystem, while Curse Mackey makes his first ColdWaves solo appearance; as well, Caustic members Matt Fanale and Eric Oehler will showcase their Klack project, with two additional acts yet to be announced.
Details for the daily lineups are expected to be announced on April 4, with all single day general admission and limited V.I.P. tickets to go on sale the following day, Friday, April 5 at 10:00am CST via the ColdWaves and Metro websites; limited discount four-day passes will go on sale via the Metro website on April 2 at 10:00am CST.
ColdWaves VIII is sponsored by Half Acre Brewing, Riveting Music, Superluminal Productions, and Schecter Guitar Research.


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