Jun 2020 12

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The Cold Spring label has announced the release of W ands, a collaborative experimental album created by Mark Spybey (Dead Voices on Air, Beehatch, Download), Jesse Creed (The Passenger), and the late Phil Western (Download, Beehatch, PlatEAU). The project began in 2014 when Western and Creed had originally created a series of improvisations based on the pair’s mutual love for vintage analog synthesizers; the plan wasa to start a new band called 4 Wands, with Creed inviting Spybey – who had also regularly worked with Western in mulitple projects – to listen and ultimately contribute to the recordings, utilizing his own collection of ethnic and homemade instruments. Having passed away in February 2019, Western’s career spanned over 20 years across numerous projects and electronic styles, often spoke of both the escapist and transcendental qualities of music, with Creed and Spybey also drawing on these ideals to create “A place where time doesn’t really matter. A place of healing and invention.” W ands is thus dedicated to Western’s memory, with the album due for release in digital and digipak CD formats on July 10; Spybey created the final edits of the album’s six expansive tracks, with mastering by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios. Additionally, the first hundred copies will receive postcard reproductions of the album artwork, created by Western’s daughter Mora. Pre-orders are available via Bandcamp.


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