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Before becoming one of the most revered and celebrated movie score composers, Graeme Revell was known for co-founding and fronting the darkly experimental industrial act SPK until the band’s dissolution in 1988. Now, the Cold Spring imprint has announced its reissue of the band’s 1986 album Zamia Lehmanni – Songs of Byzantine Flowers, recorded during a period in SPK’s transition toward becoming a de facto solo project for Revell, referred to as “somewhere between the industrial noise of the early years and his later award-winning soundtrack work.” As such, Zamia Lehmanni saw the musician incorporating choirs recorded by the Russian Old Orthodox Church of the Holy Annunciation alongside traditional instrumentation, sound samples, sheet metal, Gregorian chants, and elements from New Guinean, African, Balinese, and Javanese instruments, with vocals by Sinan Leong and Jan Thornton; the album yielded the single “In Flagrante Delicto,” which Revell later utilized in his score for the 1989 movie Dead Calm, which starred Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill and won Revell the Best Original Score award from the Australian Film Institute. Remastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition) at The Cage Studios and presented with new liner notes by Graeme Revell and artwork by Anny Helasdottir, this marks the first time Zamia Lehmanni – Songs of Byzantine Flowers will be available in any format since the CD edition released by Mute in 1992. The Cold Spring reissue will be released on November 22 in CD and digital formats, as well as on 180-gram black vinyl for the first time since its original release in 1986; a gold vinyl variant will be released in limited quantities of 500, with pre-orders now available via Bandcamp and the Cold Spring webstore. The track “The Doctrine of Eternal Ice” appears only on the CD and digital editions.


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