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Among the many works of transgressive auteur and gay rights activist Derek Jarman was his short film Imagining October, shot in 1984 for the London Film Festival and with a soundtrack created by Genesis P-Orridge and Dave Ball. Considered by the artist to be among his best shorter works, Imagining October is also among his most rarely seen, its themes and imagery presenting a scathing commentary on the rampant homophobia and moral hysteria of Thatcher’s U.K.; filmed in various locations in Russia, Azerbaijan, and London, the short features performances by Angus Cook, Toby Mott, Keir Wahid, Peter Doig, John Watkiss, author/historian Peter Wollen, and regular COIL collaborator Stephen Thrower. Jarman shot the film concurrently with his highly acclaimed feature The Angelic Conversation, whose soundtrack was famously produced by COIL and Benjamin Britten.

Recorded by P-Orridge and Ball at DJM Studios in London, the soundtrack for Imagining October had never been widely released prior to this new edition from the Cold Spring imprint; mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios and with liner notes by Jarman’s producer and archivist James Mackay, the four-track EP will be released on May 6, with pre-orders available now in digital and 12-inch etched vinyl via Bandcamp and the Cold Spring webstore.


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