Jun 2018 13

Cold Spring issues live collaborative recording from COIL, Zos Kia, and Marc Almond
Experimental music label Cold Spring has announced the release of How to Destroy Angels, featuring Soft Cell front man Marc Almond, Zos Kia’s John Gosling, and COIL’s John Balance and Peter Christopherson. Recorded on August 24, 1983 at the Air Gallery in London, UK, and dubbed “A Slow Fade to Total Transparency,” the record features the complete recording of the 23-minute-long piece “How to Destroy Angels,” along with a previously unheard remix by Gosling, and rounded out by a previously unreleased recording Zos Kia and COIL performing “Baptism of Fire” at Recession Studios in London in October of 1983. How to Destroy Angels will be available for pre-order on Friday, June 15, with a CD digipak edition to be released in July; later in September, a black vinyl edition and a splatter vinyl edition limited to 500 and available only via Cold Spring mail order will be released.
Zos Kia had begun initially as a collaboration between Gosling and Balance, with Christopherson assisting on sound; the latter two left to form COIL in 1984, and Gosling continued to record under the name Zos Kia until the project’s last release in 1987. “How to Destroy Angels” was the title track to COIL’s debut EP, originally released in February of 1984; the title was than borrowed by Trent Reznor for his side project with Mariqueen Maandig and Atticus Ross, with Reznor having collaborated with and acknowledged the influence of COIL in his music.


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