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Having toured extensively with a bizarrely theatrical live show, Dublin based Monsieur Pompier’s Traveling Freakshow will be releasing its full-length debut album, titled Teatime Terrors. As freakish as the band’s performances, the album’s themes are presented as different characters across each of its 10 tracks – topics range from serious examinations of mythology, the spread of conspiracy theories and misinformation on the internet, and the pitfalls of celebrity and stardom to more flippant and fantastical depictions of fairies, an alcoholic half crab/half rabbit, and a misfit whose fingers turn into bananas. With a musical stroytelling style that echoes the familiar sounds of Devo, The Residents, and Sparks, Teatime Terrors is due for release on July 16 via Cleopatra Records; the record will be available as a digital download and a limited edition 12-inch vinyl, with pre-orders available via Bandcamp. Along with preview streams of five tracks, the album is preceded by a video for “The Ear Fairy,” directed by Stefan Evans.



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