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Cleopatra Records has announced the release of a new boxed set compiling the complete studio recordings during Claus Larsen’s tenure with the legendary Zoth Ommog imprint. Spanning the decade from 1989 to 1999, the set features 148 tracks across 10 CDs, each individually packaged with 16-page booklets, all presented in a deluxe clamshell box; additionally, each album features rare bonus tracks, with the extensively researched liner notes produced by Athan Maroulis (NØIR, Spahn Ranch). Among the albums featured in the collection are such classics of Leæther Strip’s discography like the 1989 debut The Pleasure of Penetration, 1992’s Solitary Confinement, 1994’s Serenade For the Dead, 1997’s Self-Inflicted, along with the 1992 Excluded release from Larsen’s Klute (Klutæ) side project. Two years in the making, The Zoth Ommog Years: 1989-1999 boxed set will be released in CD and digital formats on Devember 4, with pre-orders available on Bandcamp and the Cleopatra Records webstore.


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