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Among the many projects undertaken by musician/producer Klayton in 2020 was the 25th Anniversary revisions of the 1995 self-titled debut of his industrial/metal band Circle of Dust; rebuilding the songs from the ground up using some of the original files and equipment, each of the album’s tracks have been released as standalone singles, along with a bevy of remixes from some of today’s most exciting artists. The latest of these is Alex Yarmak’s remix of “Consequence,” the Ukrainian artist reimagining the track into a powerful rendition of Circle of Dust’s industrial roots and guitar-heavy sound with a modern atmosphere, complete with the original’s rhythmic and tonal shifts. Alex Yarmak’s 25th Anniversary remix of “Consequence” is available now to stream on YouTube and on Spotify, and can be purchased via Bandcamp – either individually or on the Consequence EP – and the FiXT webstore.


The 25th Anniversary edition of Circle of Dust was originally slated to appear in full before the end of 2020; “Consequence” marks the album’s seventh track, with the previous six available in both vocal and instrumental versions. As well, remixes for the preceding tracks were created by the likes of Cyanotic, Rabbit Junk, The Anix, Fury Weekend, Soul Extract, Void Chapter, and FreqGen, with all of the 25th Anniversary tracks available on a special Spotify playlist. Based in Kiev, Alex Yarmak was previously a member of alt. rock band Beyond the Sunset, currently releasing his own blend of synthwave and metal as an independent artist.


Circle of Dust
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Website, Webstore, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
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