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It has been nearly two years since CiCi Zhu has released a single, but the Zhengtronic artist has broken the silence with today’s reveal of “Chase.” Produced by Zhu with Fabien Waltmann, the song presents the artist’s signature mix of electronics with the sounds of traditional Chinese music to create a modern reflection of her heritage. Furthermore, the song presents an expansive ambience conveyed in such lyrics as “Feeling the night breeze, hearing the sound” and “I race through the night like a movie scene,” lending a cinematic quality to the track. Mastered by Wes (VLM), “Chase” is CiCi Zhu’s first release of new material since 2021’s “Voyage,” the artist having also released numerous remixes and covers via her YouTube channel in the interim, all rendered in her mix of Zhengtronic and traditional guzheng performance.


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