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The band whose very name is synonymous with death rock, Christian Death has announced the release of a new full-length album, as well as a North American tour. As the follow-up to 2015’s The Root OF ALL Evilution, vocalist/guitarist Valor Kand explains that Evil Becomes Rule is a continuation of the previous album’s themes of “the story of evil,” with the focus less on supernatural or religious notions of good and evil, and more on those found in modern society and culture; “it’s about something concerning the evil within mankind,” with Valor going on to say that “we anticipated an event like the pandemic; a disastrous event occurring on the earth,” and asking if this is just the beginning. The record features 11 new tracks, with “Blood Moon” acting as the first single, released on February 9.

Evil Becomes Rule is due for release on May 6 via Season of Mist in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, with the latter appearing in standard black and transparent blue and red marble variants limited to 250 copies each; pre-orders are available via the Season of Mist webstore, as well as digital pre-saves. To celebrate the album’s release, Christian Death’s Evil Becomes Rule Tour of the U.S. will begin on May 5 in Akron, OH, continuing until May 29 in Brooklyn, NY; a full listing of tour dates can be found on the band’s website, with additional dates soon to be added.


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