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Always one to celebrate a birthday in style, Chris Connelly reigns in his 57th year of life with the release of Firth Rebirth. The album presents a new version of his 2009 Pentland Firth Howl record, rerecording six songs from the original along with a previously unreleased remix, supplementing them with three new tracks for a revised and fresh experience; the majority of the record was created by Connelly between 2016 and 2021, with the exception of “Purity is Dead,” which was recorded in an anonymous hotel room in St. Louis in 2006. The remix of “The Felled Wych Elm” was originally created in 2010 by guitarist/producer Zak Boerger, while “Come Back Early or Never Come” further showcases Connelly’s admiration for the music of Jackie Leven, with lyrics written by Louis MacNeice. Released today, November 11, Firth Rebirth is available digitally via Bandcamp, marking Connelly’s second release of 2021 after July’s The Birthday Poems; he was also featured prominently as the lead vocalist on The Joy Thieves’ American Parasite album, as well as appearing on the Duet release from Sapphira Vee.

On behalf of all the staff at ReGen Magazine, Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Connelly!


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