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Ever the prolific artist, Chris Connelly has unveiled a new EP titled Live Episodes, now available via Bandcamp. Featuring six tracks, with the latter four presented as a single half-hour-plus track, the live album was recorded during Connelly’s band The Episode’s performance on Saturday, February 17, 2007 at Chicago’s The Hideout. Along with Connelly, The Episode’s full band featured Ben and Adam Vida, Tim and Nate Kinsella, Jason Adasiewicz, Ben Massarella, and Josh Abrams, with this release showcasing the only gig the lineup ever performed. Live Episodes offers an “enhanced, repurposed, and perverted” rendition of the full live recording of the gig, as “Mirror Lips” and “Henry vs. Miller” had been previously released in a rawer form on the limited edition Lost Episodes cassette release in 2009. The album is now released for Bandcamp Friday, July 3, during which time Bandcamp is foregoing its revenue shares to support artists’ income during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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