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To say that Chris Connelly is one of modern music’s most versatile and prolific artists would be an understatement, and now he has revealed a new music video as the first single from his newest album release, Graveyard Sex. Filmed on location in the cold serenity of Connelly’s native Scotland and shot by regular collaborator Kimberly Blessing, the video for “The Hypnotic Stand-by” presents a somber yet tranquil visual accompaniment to Connelly’s harmonious and discordant brand of art rock.


Album CoverLike 2019’s Sleeping Partner and 2018’s Bloodhounds, Graveyard Sex is due for release on November 11 to celebrate Connelly’s birthday, with the album now available for pre-order via Armalyte Industries on Bandcamp. Aside from a cover of Nico’s “You Forget to Answer,” the album was composed entirely by Connelly, with co-production, mixing, and additional instrumentation by Chris Bruce, mastering by Jules Seifert at Epic Audio Media, and layout by Vlad McNeally. The record is dedicated to Bill Rieflin, Connelly’s longtime friend and partner in numerous bands and outlets; earlier this year, Connelly had released the “Prayer” single with harpist Jessica Gallo paying tribute to Rieflin.

In addition, Connelly will be a featured vocalist on songs recorded by Chicago collective The Joy Thieves for the Tear Down the Walls: A Riveting Tribute to Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The band states, “While we can’t tell you which song he recorded with us just yet, when you hear it… it will make so much sense. Chris always, always delivers.” Connelly had previously appeared on The Joy Thieves’ debut This Will Kill That EP, most notably on the title track.


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